Underwriting Sweet Sports

Facultative property provider with a broad flexible risk appetite to underwrite different occupancies from lighter occupancies to challenged and unique risks for middle market and major accounts.

Risk Appettite

  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure (finished civil works) 
  • Manufacturing (all ranges of industries) 
  • Healthcare 
  • Public accounts 

Preferred segments

  • Major Accounts – with sum insured over $1bn
  • Middle Market – sum insured below $1bn and above $100m
  • Minimum premium for AIG share: USD 25,000

NOTE: Accounts below $100m could be considered if we reach our minimum premium

Catastrophic and Non-Catastrophic Territories

  • All Latin America including Caribbean
  • Engineering services available
  • Cross selling with other FAC Desk lines
  • Multinational network
  • Client focused