Property Facultative Reinsurance

Property Facultative Reinsurance

 AIG is the worldwide leader provider of property capacity focused on writing commercial and Industrial risks with a fully technical approach

Underwritng Sweet Spot

Broad and flexible risk appetite to underwrite different commercial property occupancies from lighter to challenged & unique risks for middle market and major segments in Latin America and the Caribbean. Able to write worldwide locations including North America as incidental locations of a regional property program. Capacity deployed on a case-by-case basis depending on TIV, limit, layer structure, and risk quality.

Minimum Underwriting Information

  • Detailed SOVpreferably including geocoding
  • Updated engineering surveys
  • Reinsurance Slip including layer structure & target premiums
  • 5-year loss history with the details of any significant losses

Claims help when it matters the most

  • Multi award winning Major Loss claims team
  • Consistent claims service worldwide with average AIG adjuster experience of 20 years