Sabotage and Terrorism

Terrorism is an ever-present threat that can be difficult to predict and quantify. With losses, costs or damages incurred as a result of terrorist activity typically excluded from a standard commercial insurance policy, an act of terrorism can have a significant impact on a business’ bottom line. Designed to protect against both direct physical damage and resultant business interruption ensuing from a politically, religiously or ideologically motivated violent act, this product provides market-leading cover worldwide and responds to globally nuanced risks. Our sabotage and terrorism product can be tailored in accordance with the needs of each client.


AIG has the capacity to provide up to $200 million in cover.




Both certified and non-certified acts of terrorism  Cover triggers apply regardless of whether the local governments have certified the act as an act of terrorism.
Property damage Cover resulting if the insured locations are damaged.
Business interruption Cover as a result of physical damage and resultant loss of profit if an act of terrorism prevents ‘business as usual’ activity.
Expenses Defense costs and claims expenses included within coverage.
Clear and comprehensive wording A clear wording which details exactly what is covered and excluded and that clearly defines triggers for cover.
Tried and tested claims experience AIG has a dedicated claims team which has dealt with many complex and high-profile claims and paid significant sums to our clients over the years.

Who is it for?

From Medium to Large, Regional, & Multinational enterprises