AIG’s Political Violence product was designed to enable clients to manage the risk posed by the potential outbreak of war – international or civil. Policies are designed to offer a solution that is highly specialized and tailored to respond to the priorities of the specific organization. Against the backdrop of an increasingly unpredictable global political stage, political violence is an ever-present risk. Political violence cover would be triggered in the event of an incident such as civil war or international war breaking out. This could have significant impact on an entire country’s economy and require companies operating there to weigh up significant risks both to personnel and property.

Full PV (War)


Political violence cover encapsulates all perils from war, both international and civil, through to rebellion, coup d’etat or revolution.



Property damage Cover resulting if the business premises are damaged.
Business interruption Cover for loss of profit in the event that political violence prevents ‘business as usual’ or interrupts normal operations.
Clear and comprehensive wording A clear wording which details exactly what is covered and excluded and that clearly defines triggers for cover.