Professional Liability

Insurance solutions that address liability exposures faced by professionals in a variety of industries.


Financial Institutions

Financial Institution Professional Liability Insurance (Corporate Guard)

Covers losses arising from a claim initiated by a third party against the insured, resulting from professional negligence, errors or omissions in professional services rendered as a financial institution.

Investment Managers Liability Insurance

Covers the Investment Manager for his Professional Liability; and/or the Professional Liability of the Operation in relation to the management of Mutual Funds, Venture Capital, Private equities; and/or the Directors and Officers involved in the management of the Funds; and/or the Professional Liability of Distributors of Funds.

Insurance Company Professional Liability Insurance

Covers insurance companies for claimed damages resulting from errors and omissions as an insurance company.

Commercial Institutions

Insurance Agents & Brokers Professional Liability

Provides coverage for claims made against Professional for an act, error or omission solely in the performance as a Insurance Agent, Insurance Broker or Insurance Consultant.

School Leaders Errors & Omissions

Designed to protect the school entity, its administration, management, board members, and others during the course of their duties for the school entity from claims arising out of any actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, error, misstatement or omission.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Covers the alleged, negligent errors and omissions for occupations such as property managers, management consultants, claims adjusters, bankruptcy trustees, benefit plan administrators, marketing consultants, public relations consultants, third party administrators, and others.


Real Estate Agents/Brokers Professional Liability

Provides coverage to Real Estate Agents and Brokers in case of claim due to negligent act, error or omission solely in rendering or failing to render professional services for others for a fee.

Travel Agents Professional Liability

Provides coverage for claims filed against Travel Agents of clients that have suffered an economic loss as consequence of an interruption or cancellation of trip as a result of an error or omission of a travel agent in the coordination with hotels, or airline companies.

Accountants Professional Liability

Protects accounting firms and its partners, directors and employees from claims arising out of accounting services as an Accountant, trustee of any inter vivo or testamentary trust or as an executor of an estate.


Lawyers Professional Liability

Provide coverage for Lawyers for claims arising out of an act, error or omission in rendering or failing to render professional service including Insured’s capacity as a lawyer, Fiduciary or notary public.

Multimedia Professional Liability

Covers charges for libel, slander, infliction of emotional distress, trade libel, product disparagement, invasion of privacy claims against the media, commercial appropriation of a name or likeness, intellectual property violations, including copyright infringement, plagiarism, misappropriation of ideas under implied contract, and others. We can offer this product to newspaper and magazine publishers, book and directory publishers, music publishers, publishers and producers of plays, screen plays and film scripts, videotape production companies, electronic publishing services, television and radio stations, motion picture companies, and cable and satellite broadcasters.