Underwriting Sweet Spots

In our wide and varied portfolio, some sectors present exceptional growth opportunities. Onshore Energy risk capacity up to $500m 

Risk Appetite


Power generation and utility


Mines and processing for metals, minerals and ore bodies

Oil & Petrochemicals

Oil refinery petrochemicals, natural gas, terminals and all downstream hydrocarbon processing, including liquid natural gas

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals & high hazard chemicals

Who is it for?

  • Large multinationals through to single sites
  • Clients with:
    • A high level of interest in loss prevention quality management and protection schemes
    • An appetite for long term trading partnerships

Bespoke Solutions

  • One stop shop for energy industry insurance with market leading capacity e.g. $100m Casualty, $500m Downstream, Power, Mining, Chemicals.
  • Cover for the latest technologies and emerging risks e.g. cyber and decommissioning